The advanced Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) chemistry battery, delivers safer and more efficient energy storage.
Compatible with all leading inverters, E-Box-48100R is a smart choice for battery replacement, expansion or a new installation.

Battery ModelE-BOX-48100R
Nominal Voltage51.2V
Voltage Range47.5V-58V
Nominal Capacity100Ah
Nominal Energy5.12kWh
Unit Dimension (LxWxH)17.32" x 24.41" x 4.61"
Unit Weight112.5lbs
Peak Discharge Rate102A (5.22kW@15s)
Maximum Continuous Discharge Rate50A (2.56kW DC)
Standard Continuous Discharge Rate50A (2.56kW DC)
Maximum Continuous Charge Current50A
Standard Continuous Charge Current50A
Round-Trip Efficiency≥95%
Cycle Life≥6000cycle
Calendar Life≥10years
Communication ProtocolRS232, RS485, CAN
Operating Temperature14°F ~ 122°F
Connect styleParallel
Storage Temperature<1month: -4~131°F
1-3months: 32~95°F
3-12months: 68~77°F

  • E-Box-48100R
  • 48100R battery with Sol-Ark inverter
  • 48100R-battery-with-Sol-Ark-inverter-hub
  • 48100R battery with Growatt inverter
  • 48100R battery with Luxpower inverter
  • 48100R battery with Magarevo inverter
  • 48100R battery with MPP Solar
  • 48100R battery with Victron inverter
  • 48100R battery with SRNE inverter
  • 48100R battery with Must inverter
  • 48100R battery with SMA inverter

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