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07 2023.08

Customer Quality Engineer


Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for organizing the coordination and development of after-sales work in North America, and completing after-sales work as required;

2. Responsible for interface coordination with customers and communication on after-sales matters;

3. Responsible for coordinating with domestic technical teams and maintenance personnel on quality issues in North America, and supervising the implementation of the solutions

4. Responsible for after-sales maintenance of North American products;

5. Responsible for the maintenance and management of maintenance equipment in North American warehouses;

6. Serve as a part-time warehouse administrator to ensure the normal operation of the company's logistics work.

Job requirements:

1. Education background: College degree or above; With a background in science and engineering, majors in electrical, power electronics, and electrochemistry are preferred

2. Proficient in English, good communication and coordination skills, problem analysis and problem-solving skills;

3. At least two years of experience in quality management/after-sales/customer service or related fields is preferred;

4. Long term stay in the United States, suitable for business trips in the United States;

5. Strong hands-on ability and love to study.

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07 2023.08

Product Manager


Job responsibilities:

1. Collaborate with sales to achieve customer development, responsible for communicating product technical issues and providing appropriate solutions

2. Responsible for writing and outputting relevant technical documents

3. Train sales personnel on technical knowledge and provide Q&A

4. Product related information collection and market forecasting

5. Product pre-sales and after-sales technical support

6. Cooperate with leaders to complete other tasks

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or above in science and engineering, with a background in power electronics or software related fields or work experience is preferred;

2. Experience in the photovoltaic industry is preferred;

3. Fluent communication skills in English;

4. Overseas business trips are acceptable.

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07 2023.08

Sales Manager


Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of lithium battery products of the company; According to the marketing plan, achieve departmental sales targets;

2. Maintain existing customer relationships, maintain existing business, and achieve growth in existing business

3. Identify lithium battery business opportunities and bring new business growth points and profit margins to the company;

4. Responsible for exploring new markets, developing new customers, and expanding and maintaining sales channels;

5. Participate in lithium battery market activities, complete market research report analysis, and provide feedback to R&D;

6. Coordinate and handle customer complaints and complaints; Collection of accounts receivable;

Job requirements:

1. Fluent in English, able to independently travel and explore markets, with at least 1 year of overseas sales experience; Sales experience in power, battery, new energy and other related industries is preferred;

2. Must have a US visa, be able to drive, and accept frequent business trips;

3. Have a high sense of responsibility and a strong team spirit;

4. Good professional ethics; Agree with our company's corporate culture and business philosophy;

5. Outgoing personality, quick reaction, strong expression ability, strong communication and analytical skills. Result oriented, good at taking responsibility for results;

6. Possess certain market analysis and judgment abilities, and have a good sense of customer service 

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07 2023.08

Marketing Manager


· Job responsibilities:

1. According to the annual market plan, prepare and execute exhibitions and various market promotion activities according to the timeline;

2. Responsible for screening, evaluating, and executing exhibitions in the American market, coordinating exhibition details with exhibitors, designing, ordering, and mailing exhibition materials, ensuring the normal execution of the exhibition, and promoting the exhibition through multiple channels.

3. Responsible for analyzing the effectiveness of exhibitions and events, collecting post event information, classifying customers, analyzing customers and mining product needs, tracking and analyzing customer orders, and proposing relevant improvement measures;

4. Cooperate with the team to develop product promotion strategies for overseas markets.

5. Pay close attention to the development trends of the domestic energy storage industry in overseas markets, and cooperate with sales development to maintain key customers.

6. Communicate closely with the sales team, participate in sales meetings to collect sales feedback, and assist the market and sales team in carrying out other marketing and brand promotion related projects.

· Job requirements:

1. Photovoltaic industry/Priority given to having a background in studying abroad.

2. Good English reading and writing skills, requiring an English proficiency equivalent to CET-6 or IELTS 6.5.

3. Excellent English copywriting ability, excellent aesthetic sense, creativity, and the ability to formulate activity logic for different levels of activities;

4. Possess the concept of project coordination, strong ability to analyze and solve problems, and the ability to coordinate and organize multiple parties, as well as cross regional team cooperation ability;

5. Understand overseas culture, love market work, have a strong sense of responsibility, and can withstand certain work pressure.

6. Be sensitive to sales data and have a clear understanding of the overall work concept of the marketing team and marketing.

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