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Pytes Energy Earns Approval by Goodleap: Broaden Financing Options for Home Energy Storage Solutions

Dec. 2023

Pytes, a leading manufacturer of lithium batteries and energy solutions supplier, is pleased to announce its inclusion in the Approved Vendor List (AVL) for GoodLeap, a widely recognized financing company in the USA.


This milestone comes as Pytes Energy, recognized as a key player in the renewable energy industry, cements a collaborative partnership with GoodLeap, a sustainable home improvement finance platform. The primary objective of this partnership is to improve the affordability of solar energy storage solutions, making them accessible to a broader spectrum of homeowners.


Dragon Lv, the CEO of Pytes Energy, expressed confidence in the collaboration, stating, "We believe that GoodLeap's attractive financing rates will empower a larger number of homeowners to enjoy substantial utility savings and benefit from the long-lasting blackout protection provided by Pytes energy storage. Our energy storage solutions are a wise investment, and the ease of getting started has never been more evident. Through the partnership with GoodLeap, we're thrilled to extend Pytes' reach to a broader audience. Collaborating with this esteemed provider of sustainable home improvement financing aligns perfectly with our commitment to accessible and eco-friendly energy solutions."


GoodLeap, formerly known as Loanpal, is a finance technology company specializing in providing financing options for the residential solar energy industry. The company excels in dismantling financial barriers associated with solar projects by working closely with solar installation companies to tailor financing plans for homeowners, establishing itself as a leading financier of residential solar installations.


The collaboration between Pytes Energy and GoodLeap not only aims to simplify the process for homeowners but also contributes to the broader goal of achieving a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. By combining technological innovation with financial solutions, the collaboration seeks to create a synergistic approach that propels the residential solar market forward.


To achieve AVL status with GoodLeap, Pytes Energy underwent stringent due diligence, including proving product viability, demonstrating strong market acceptance and sales forecasts, and providing long-term warranty specifications.


To apply for financing, homeowners can coordinate with their installer on costs and then complete a convenient online application. The process is designed to be fast and easy, with flexible underwriting to increase approval rates for more homeowners. This joint effort reflects the commitment of both Pytes Energy and GoodLeap to advancing clean energy adoption and making environmentally friendly solutions accessible to a wider audience.


For those interested in becoming a certified dealer or installer, more information can be obtained by applying online.