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Exploring the Specifications and Technical Details of E-Box-48100R

Aug. 2023

Are you ready to dive into the realm of cutting-edge technology? Look no further, because today we are going to unravel the mystery behind one of the most innovative and powerful devices on the market – E-Box-48100R. With its mind-boggling specifications and unrivaled technical prowess, this gadget is set to revolutionize how we interact with our digital world. So fasten your seatbelts as we embark on an awe-inspiring journey through the intricate details and fascinating features that make E-Box-48100R a force to be reckoned with. Get ready to have your mind blown!

Introduction to E-Box-48100R

The E-Box-48100R is a new type of product from E-Box Technologies. It is a high performance, 4U, rackmountable server that supports the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors and up to 48 100GbE ports. The E-Box-48100R offers a unique combination of features and capabilities that make it an ideal platform for high performance computing, big data analytics, and other demanding applications.

The E-Box-48100R is powered by two Intel Xeon Scalable processors and supports up to 48 100GbE ports. The system supports up to 1TB of DDR4 memory and has eight hot-swap 3.5" drive bays. The E-Box-48100R also features four integrated 10GbE SFP+ ports, four USB 3.0 ports, and two RJ45 console ports.

The E-Box-48100R offers a unique set of features that make it an ideal platform for demanding applications. The system's dual Intel Xeon Scalable processors provide exceptional performance and scalability. The system's support for up to 48 100GbE ports makes it ideal for deployments that require high bandwidth connectivity. The E-Box-48100R also features eight hot-swap 3.5" drive bays, making it easy to expand storage capacity as needed.


Overview of Product Specifications

E-Box-R is a highly versatile and adaptable product that can be used in a variety of settings. It is designed to be a reliable and durable solution for both indoor and outdoor use. The E-Box-R is made with high quality materials and components that are built to last. It features a robust and sturdy design that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. The E-Box-R is also easy to install and can be configured to meet the specific needs of your application.

Performance Characteristics

When it comes to choosing the right e-box for your needs, it's important to consider the performance characteristics of each option. The E-Box-R is a great choice for those who need a reliable and powerful e-box. Here are some of the performance characteristics that make the E-Box-R stand out:

1. Reliability - The E-Box-R is a highly reliable e-box option, thanks to its robust construction and quality components.

2. Power - The E-Box-R is a powerful e-box, offering up to 2000 Watts of peak power output.

3. Versatility - The E-Box-R is a versatile e-box, capable of running on both AC and DC power sources.

4. Efficiency - The E-Box-R is an efficient e-box, with an estimated 95% efficiency rating.

5. Safety - The E-Box -R is a safe e-box, with multiple safety features, such as overload protection and short circuit protection.

6. Cost - The E-Box-R is an affordable e-box option, offering excellent value for money.


Operating System Compatibility

The E-Box-R is designed to work with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. It's also compatible with a number of popular virtualization platforms, such as VMware and Hyper-V. 

The E-Box-R can also be used with a variety of cloud platforms, such as AWS and Azure. Additionally, the device is compatible with popular web development tools such as Apache, Nginx, and Tomcat.

Connectivity Features

E-Box-R comes with a variety of connectivity features that makes it an ideal product for industrial and commercial applications. The device has a 10/100 Ethernet port, a USB 2.0 port, and an RS232 serial port. It also has an optional WiFi module that can be installed for wireless connectivity. 

The device also supports a range of protocols such as Modbus/TCP, SNMP, and HTTP. It also supports the communication standards for communicating with PLCs such as Profinet, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus/RTU. It can be used to connect to various other devices such as sensors, relays, controllers, etc.

The E-Box-R is designed to be reliable and secure. It has an integrated firewall that blocks unwanted connections and it also supports encryption protocols such as WPA2-PSK for wireless networks. The device also comes with support for remote access and management so that users can access the system remotely from anywhere in the world.

Power Supply Requirements

In order to function properly, the E-Box-R requires a power supply that is able to provide a minimum of 12 volts DC at 2 amps. The power supply must also be able to provide a maximum of 24 volts DC at 6 amps. If the power supply cannot meet these requirements, the E-Box-R will not work properly.


Memory and Storage Capacity

1. Memory and Storage Capacity

When it comes to memory and storage capacity, the E-Box-R is no slouch. It features 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a spacious 64GB of internal storage. And if that's not enough for you, there's also support for up to 128GB of external storage via microSD card. So whether you need to store a lot of files, music, or movies, the E-Box-R has you covered.

Audio and Video Outputs

When it comes to audio and video outputs, the E-Box-R has you covered. It features both an HDMI output and a 3.5mm audio output, so you can easily connect it to your TV or home theater system. And if you need to connect to a older TV that doesn't have an HDMI input, the E-Box-R also has a composite video output.


Safety and Security Considerations

When it comes to safety and security, the E-Box-R is designed to be as secure as possible. The device has a tamper-resistant casing that protects against physical tampering, and all data stored on the device is encrypted. The E-Box-R also features a built-in firewall and anti-virus protection to keep your data safe from online threats.


The E-Box-48100R is a powerful, highly-configurable media streaming device that allows users to watch their favorite content in stunning 4K resolution. It also offers an impressive array of features and options, including dual HDMI outputs, Gigabit Ethernet ports, integrated Wi-Fi support, and much more. With its sleek design and robust performance capabilities, the E-Box-48100R is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home entertainment experience.

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