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Pytes: Powering Up Californian Gas Stations with Energy Solution

Apr. 2024

It all started on a sunny summer day in 2022 when our product manager Mady and sales rep Tony struck up a conversation with the station owner. Overheard was the station's struggle with power shortages. Tony, armed with a battery casing, showcased our energy solution. From battery selection to installation, Tony laid out the plan meticulously. Contact details were exchanged, and the connection was made. 

Fast forward to just last month, after a lengthy two-year process of application and subsidy approvals, they made the call. Opting for Pytes battery system, the setup includes two 15k Sol-Ark inverters (a total of 30kW) and 18 units of 48100R batteries (each boasting 5.12kWh, totaling 90kWh). This powerhouse system primarily caters to the station's fuel pumps, lighting, security surveillance, and even the convenience store's electrical needs. 

Pytes: Illuminating Businesses, One Solution at a Time.