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215kWh in #NorthCarolina,three households have jointly invested in and constructed an innovative off-grid energy storage project

Mar. 2024


In North Carolina, three households have collaborated to invest in and construct an innovative off-grid energy storage project, offering a sustainable energy solution for the local community. 


The project features Pytes' latest V5 battery technology, coupled with three 15K Sol-ark inverters, ensuring efficient energy conversion and storage. To ensure the secure installation of the equipment, the clients have employed a custom-made iron frame to support the V5 batteries, maximizing energy utilization efficiency through careful design and layout.


A total of 42 Pytes batteries have been deployed, with their ample storage capacity enabling the project to provide continuous and stable power supply during peak demand periods. 



In addition to fulfilling basic electricity requirements, the project also supports sustainability efforts. Through the off-grid energy storage system, the shared independent energy among the three households not only reduces reliance on traditional power grids but also significantly decreases carbon emissions, contributing to notable improvements in the local ecological environment and air quality.



Furthermore, the project provides a platform for mutual assistance among community residents, strengthening neighborly connections and cooperation, fostering a warmer and more harmonious community atmosphere.