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Pytes HV48100 announces UL9540 certification with Sol-Ark inverters.

Jun. 2024

Pytes HV48100 announces UL9540 certification with Sol-Ark inverters.

Now, we are proud to announce the HV48100, the updated version of our product, which is more powerful and secure, having proudly completed stringent testing and evaluation processes. It has also received UL9540 certification, coupled with Sol-Ark inverters.



Introducing the HV48100 Energy Storage System, crafted by Pytes, a leader in advanced energy storage solutions. Our HV48100 model is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, making it the perfect choice for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


Key Features:

Safety-Oriented Design: The HV48100 uses Tier 1 Grade A LFP cells, renowned for their safety and longevity. Coupled with a field-proven modular Battery Management System (BMS) built-in, it ensures robust protection and optimal operation.


Scalable & Flexible: Designed to grow with your needs, the HV48100 allows you to increase capacity on demand. This flexibility makes it ideal for various applications, from small residential setups to large-scale industrial projects.


High Energy Efficiency: Achieve lower energy losses with the HV48100, thanks to its high energy efficiency design. This translates into better performance and savings over the system's lifespan.


Remote Upgrading & Monitoring: Stay connected and in control with the HV48100's remote upgrading and monitoring capabilities. This feature ensures that your system is always up-to-date and operating at peak efficiency, with minimal effort on your part.



UL 9540 certification is a vital safety standard for energy storage systems (ESS) and associated equipment in North America. It covers comprehensive safety aspects for the entire system, including the battery, containment, functionality, fire detection and suppression, and environmental performance. Pytes' achievement of UL 9540 certification validates the safety and reliability of its energy storage system, highlighting its compliance with industry safety standards.



UL 9540 is a safety standard aimed at energy storage systems. For ESS connected to a utility grid, this standard includes the equipment used for the connection. It addresses fire and explosion safety concerns, covering:


Operational safety of the battery component

Fire detection

Fire propagation and suppression

Effectiveness of fire mitigation in enclosed spaces

The UL 9540 standard consolidates two other standards: UL 1973 (for the stationary battery pack) and UL 1741 (for the inverter), along with rigorous thermal and electrical testing of the components working together as a system.



While UL 9540 sets standards an ESS must meet, UL 9540A provides a method for evaluating thermal runaway propagation within an ESS. Although UL 9540A is not a certification, it provides critical data for manufacturers seeking UL 9540 certification, helping engineers and developers ensure their product can handle fire hazards effectively.


The UL 9540A test includes four stages:

Cell testing: Assessing flammability, thermal runaway potential, and gas composition.

Module testing: Evaluating thermal runaway propagation within modules.

Unit testing: Analyzing fire spread between units, heat release, and gas composition to assess explosion risk.

Installation testing: Testing unit-to-unit fire propagation in an enclosed space with fire mitigation equipment.


UL 9540 certification is not mandatory in most U.S. jurisdictions, but the California building code and Massachusetts have adopted it. Other states and cities may follow. Even if not mandatory, choosing UL 9540-certified systems ensures rigorous safety testing, simplifies project permitting, and identifies manufacturers committed to safety.


Pytes' residential energy storage batteries use lithium iron phosphate technology for enhanced safety. Unlike most batteries with cylindrical cells, Pytes' batteries use prismatic cells for superior performance, longevity, and safety. For example, the V5° battery, a lithium iron phosphate battery, holds 5.12 kWh and delivers 3.84 kW continuous charge/discharge (up to 5.12 kW - 1C), with a 10-year warranty covering 6000 cycles. It features a proprietary high current battery management system (BMS) for comprehensive protection, including closed-loop communication and autonomous management of charge/discharge configurations.


Pytes is one of the few UL 9540-listed lithium battery manufacturers and stands out as the most cost-effective. The Pytes V5° boasts a full range of certifications (UL 1973, UL 9540 with Sol-Ark, and UL 9540A), ensuring quicker installation and permit approval.



Formerly known as DLG, Pytes has been a global provider of innovative clean energy solutions for decades. Pytes' residential energy storage systems are renowned for safety, reliability, competitive pricing, and extensive services, including LFP batteries, photovoltaic inverters, BMS, cloud monitoring, installation, and maintenance.



Sol-Ark specializes in solar and energy storage, designing and manufacturing inverters and load management devices. Sol-Ark's all-in-one hybrid inverters are known for their speed, efficiency, power, and versatility. They have expanded their offerings to include string inverters and micro-inverters for various applications.