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The new LFP battery for home battery system.
It is an exciting advancement in home battery system technology. By storing excess energy, homeowners can enjoy cost savings, energy independence, and a smaller environmental footprint. Additionally, these home battery system offer smart monitoring and control features that empower homeowners to optimize their energy usage. If you are ready to embrace efficiency and sustainability, consider integrating a home battery system into your home's energy infrastructure. Take control of your power supply and contribute to a greener future starting today.

The Introduction of the Revolutionized Product V5°

Are you prepared to adopt the latest in-home energy management? Solar Battery Manufacturer offers cutting-edge home battery storage systems that are revolutionizing the way we store and use energy. These innovative solutions are designed to improve energy usage, sustainability, and efficiency. Let's explore home battery systems and see how Solar Battery Manufacturer is at the forefront of this transformative technology."

Efficient Energy Storage

Pytes Energy's home battery system V5° is at the forefront of efficient energy storage solutions. Designed to work seamlessly with solar panels and renewable energy sources, these batteries enable households to harness, store, and use excess energy for when it's needed most. With advanced storage capacities and intelligent management systems, homeowners can enjoy reliable backup power and reduce their dependence on the traditional grid.

Smart Energy Management

By integrating cutting-edge technology, Pytes Energy's home battery system V5° provides smart energy management features that allow you to monitor and optimize your energy usage with App. You can gain real-time insights into your energy consumption, enabling you to make informed decisions that maximize efficiency and savings.

Seamless Integration

One of the key advantages of Pytes Energy's home battery systems V5° is their seamless integration with most main inverters in the market. Also, we are strategy collaboration partner with Sol-Ark. This seamless compatibility ensures that homeowners can fully harness the potential of their solar panels, while the excess energy is efficiently stored and utilized, enhancing the overall sustainability of their energy usage.

Pytes Energy's latest home battery system V5° is a significant innovation in energy management. They are designed to prioritize sustainability, efficiency, and dependability, and are specifically created to transform the way energy is stored, managed, and used in households. By incorporating Pytes Energy's advanced home battery systems, you can manage your energy future, decrease your environmental impact, and experience significant long-term savings. Embrace the future and energize your home with Pytes Energy's home battery systems!

Battery ModelV5°
Nominal Voltage51.2V
Voltage Range47.5V-57.6V
Nominal Capacity100Ah
Nominal Energy5.12kWh
Unit Dimension17.32*20.87*5.51 inch
Standard Charge/Discharge75A
Maximum Continuous Charge/Discharge100A
Peak Charge/Discharge121-180A(15s)
Round-Trip Efficiency≥95%
Communication ProtocolCAN/RS485
Cycle Life≥6000cycles
Calendar Life≥10years
Operating Temperature14°F ~ 122°F
Connect styleParallel
Heating system-0.4℉~50℉

Add-on Functionalities
WIFI ConnectionRemote monitoring and upgrade
Heating PadTemperature Rise: 18F/h
Operation Temperature: -0.4°F~50°F
Scalability16 pcs (81.92kWh)in a group
6 groups (491.52kWh) in a system w/a Hub
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