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Portable Power Station use Guide

Dec. 2022

Nowadays, energy storage power supply has become the standard equipment for outdoor camping. It can power mobile phones, computers, rice cookers and other electrical appliances outdoors, so it is favored by everyone. Received your first Portable Power Stations, do you know how to use them?

How to charge and discharge when purchasing an Portable Power Station for the first time:

After you receive the Portable Power Station, you will see that there is remaining power after turning it on. If the remaining power exceeds 90%, it can be directly used for power supply at this time. If the remaining power is low, you can choose the supporting original charger, solar panel, and car charging head to fully charge it before using it! During charging, the display will have corresponding data prompts! Such as charging power, battery percentage, etc.!

Portable Power Station

Daily use of outdoor power, how to charge:

The Portable Power Station should be charged whenever it is used. When the remaining power is about 10%, it should be charged in time. Although the Portable Power Station generally has a built-in BMS protection system to prevent the power from being over-discharged, timely replenishment will make the lithium battery better. keep looping.

Whether charging while Portable Power Station will damage the service life:

First of all, it is clear to everyone that the Portable Power Station must meet the condition of "charging power > output power" while charging and using. We all know that the core of Portable Power Station is lithium battery. Lithium battery has a certain cycle life. When the number of cycles exceeds the theoretical value, the capacity will still be about 80% of the initial capacity. Lithium batteries have no memory effect, and only after a complete charge and discharge, a cycle will be counted, so while charging and using without counting repeated cycles, the first use condition must be met!

We all know that each Portable Power Station has its own number of cycles. Exceeding the number of cycles does not mean that the Portable Power Station will be scrapped, but the capacity will be lower to about 80% of the initial value. a lot of.

If it is not used for a long time, how to charge and maintain it? The Portable Power Station is the same as the lithium battery of mobile phones, cameras, laptops and other products. I don’t like too much power or being hungry. Therefore, when the Portable Power Station does not need to be stored for a long time, regular inspections should be carried out every 3 months, and the power should be recharged to more than 50%. The final summary is eight words: "Recharge as you use and recharge regularly!"


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