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How to choose RV lithium battery

Oct. 2023

When we are purchasing an RV, the issues we are more concerned about are: is the engine good, how is the interior, how big is the lithium battery, etc. RVs are much more expensive than family cars, so it is very important to choose an RV that suits your family. However, when people buy RVs, they often have some misunderstandings. They often choose larger lithium-ion batteries, thinking that RVs with larger lithium-ion batteries will be very convenient. But are larger lithium batteries necessarily better? Let’s discuss this issue today.

1. The necessity of lithium batteries for RVs

The biggest problem when traveling in an RV is water and electricity. The water problem is relatively easy to solve. Finding water is not that troublesome. The more troublesome thing is replenishing electricity. Some people say that if you travel in an RV, if you have a portable generator, doesn’t it always have electricity? The more troublesome thing about generators is the noise. It is probably fine if you use a generator during the day. But at night, if you still use the generator for power supply, the noise will disturb everyone. Also, using a generator is troublesome. You have to lift it up and down every time you use it, and you have to wire it up. It also has to be placed a little further away to reduce the noise. It would be much better if the RV is equipped with a certain amount of lithium batteries. The noise of lithium battery plus inverter will be relatively smaller.

RV lithium battery

2. What capacity of lithium battery is suitable for an RV?

The size of the lithium battery the RV is equipped with mainly depends on the total power consumption of the RV. Generally, RVs have rice cookers, electric water heaters (to boil water), lights, TVs, audio equipment, etc. Some RVs also have air conditioners. For RVs with air conditioning, it is recommended that the lithium battery capacity of the RV should not be less than 12v/400ah, and generally 12v/600ah-800ah is better.

3. Selection and identification of RV lithium batteries

The lithium batteries we often talk about include ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. The advantages of ternary lithium batteries are high power density and the current price is lower than that of iron phosphate. But there are two problems with ternary lithium batteries. One is that the power decays quickly, with a drop of 30%-50% in about three years. This is the kind of mobile phone battery we use. In about three years, the mobile phone battery must be replaced, otherwise the mobile phone will be used daily. , can't hold on for a day. Second, the safety of ternary lithium batteries is not as good as that of lithium iron phosphate batteries. Ternary lithium batteries are prone to fire and explosion under collision, external force, and puncture, but lithium iron phosphate batteries do not have this problem. If you use iron phosphate batteries, how do you know whether the battery is good or not? There is a simple method, which is the electric charge density identification method. For batteries with the same capacity, the one with the lighter weight is better. The heavier the battery, the worse. It is also possible that the battery is second-hand, or the battery itself is of poor quality. At present, the power density of good quality lithium iron phosphate batteries can be more than 130, and generally around 100.

RV lithium battery

4.Do you know PYTES RV lithium battery E-Box-12100?

E-Box 12100, is a versatile battery that can be used in an RV or camper van. With its built-in smart self-heating feature, you can easily keep your battery charged even in cold environments. The 12V nominal voltage ensures a service life of more than 4000 cycles, while producing low heat and high efficiency during high power transmission. The modular design can be easily expanded to meet various configurations, improving the average charging efficiency of the battery in the long run. In addition, the state-of-the-art battery management system (BMS) provides comprehensive protection functions and real-time monitoring to ensure battery safety and service life.


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