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Do you understand UL1973 Battery?

Dec. 2022

Introduction of UL1973 Battery

UL1973 is a safety standard for batteries. It covers the construction, design, performance, and testing requirements for batteries used in products that are intended for use in or near the human body. The standard applies to both primary (rechargeable) and secondary (disposable) batteries.
The UL1973 standard was first published in September 2016. It is based on the previous UL1642 standard for lithium batteries, with additional requirements specific to batteries used in or near the human body.
The UL1973 standard covers both internal and external battery designs. For internal battery designs, the requirements cover things like short circuit protection and thermal runaway protection. For external battery designs, the requirements cover things like impact resistance and fire safety.
All products that use batteries must be certified by UL to show that they meet all of the requirements of the UL1973 standard.

The benefits of UL1973 Battery:

UL1973 Battery certification means that the battery meets certain safety and performance standards. The benefits of using a UL1973 certified battery include:
1. Increased safety - UL1973 certified batteries undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet strict safety standards. This helps to reduce the risk of fires or other accidents associated with using non-certified batteries.
2. Improved performance - UL1973 certified batteries are designed to deliver optimal performance in terms of power and energy efficiency. This can help to prolong the life of your devices and save you money on replacement batteries over time.
3. peace of mind - When you use a UL1973 certified battery, you can be confident that you're using a product that has been designed with safety and quality in mind. This can give you peace of mind knowing that you're not putting yourself or your devices at risk by using an inferior or unsafe product.

Advantages of UL1973 Battery:

There are many advantages to using UL1973 batteries, including their safety and reliability. UL1973 batteries are designed and tested to meet strict safety standards, making them a safe option for use in a variety of devices and applications. In addition to their safety, UL1973 batteries are also extremely reliable, with a long lifespan and low self-discharge rate. This makes them an ideal choice for use in high-drain devices such as digital cameras and portable electronics.

Application of UL1973 battery:

The UL1973 standard applies to batteries used in products that are manufactured or imported into the United States. The standard covers the general safety requirements for batteries, including thermal runaway protection and overcharge protection.
Batteries that meet the requirements of the UL1973 standard are safe to use in a variety of applications, including:
-Consumer electronics
-Medical devices
-Power tools
-Security devices
-Telecommunications equipment

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