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The Summary of Intersolar North America 2024

Jan. 2024

Pytes made a significant impact during the Intersola North America 2024, where they engaged with numerous partners to showcase their cutting-edge energy solutions, such as the best sell E-Box 48100, highly-anticipated V5° LFP battery and upcoming stackable battery system Pi LV1. Our company expressed our appreciation for the opportunity to expand awareness of their advanced battery solutions at the event and announced their plans for an impressive lineup of innovative energy storage solutions for next year's Intersolar.


One of the exhibition's highlights for Pytes was an interview with Solar Surge CEO Joe Ordia, where they discussed the company's pioneering advancements in solar energy storage solutions and highlighted their commitment to sustainability and innovation. The interview provided valuable exposure for Pytes and raised awareness of their contributions to the renewable energy sector.


Another notable moment for Pytes at Intersola North America 2024 was being interviewed by Josh Brumm from Soligent at Pytes’ booth, where Josh and Jonathan discussed the remarkable features of V5° batteries and the benefits of integrating SolArk and Pytes batteries. During the interview, Josh also introduced the Pi LV1 stacked battery, offering attendees more insight into the company's energy solutions. Pytes encouraged attendees to check out the exclusive interview video and join the conversation about innovative energy solutions.


Overall, Pytes' participation at Intersola North America 2024 was a success and engage with a lot of new and old partners, showcase our advancements in solar energy storage, and create awareness of contributions to the renewable energy sector. The exhibition provided the company with a valuable platform to highlight the commitment to innovation and sustainability, setting the stage for an exciting lineup of energy solutions for the future.