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Pytes Batteries Powering a Successful Energy Storage Project at an Indiana Chicken Farm: A Cozy Home

Dec. 2023

Today, we will tell a story that takes place at a farm in Indiana, USA. The main character of the story is a mysterious newly established chicken farm, which has experienced remarkable changes after the introduction of Pytes energy storage batteries. The success of this customer in undergoing a transformative shift in their energy infrastructure and gradually embracing stable, green, and clean energy is closely related to their intentional choice of Pytes 48100R batteries. The Pytes team cheers for their achievement.

Before the introduction of Pytes batteries, one common problem faced by chicken farms was power outages, which would disrupt normal farm operations and lead to significant losses. Additionally, in the Midwestern state of Indiana, the cold weather during winter necessitates a reliable and sufficient power supply.

To address these pain points, energy storage batteries are essential. After careful evaluation of various options on the market, the chicken farm opted for Pytes 48100R batteries: 36 units paired with 3 15K Sol-ark inverters. From the installation case, it can be seen that our solution is not only easy to install and occupies a small space, but also aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective. In the end, the entire system provides daily electricity to the chicken farm, achieving power autonomy in a completely off-grid environment.

After the project's completion, we saw a long-lost smile on the face of the chicken farm owner. We are delighted that Pytes energy storage batteries have made a significant impact on this mysterious chicken farm and provided a portable solution and improvement model for other remote chicken farms. We are proud that Pytes and its distributors have designed customized solutions for customers, overcoming technical and environmental challenges. The animals on the chicken farm now have a cozy home throughout the year.