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Solar-plus-storage off-grid project for a hospital in Haiti

Jan. 2023

This 35KWp/125KWh solar-plus-storage off-grid project for a hospital in Haiti has just been put into operation. It consisted of the design and installation of a micro power plant to supply a hospital and other areas of the Danita's Children campus. 35 kWp in solar panels and a 45 kVA three-phase network were installed with a 125 kWh battery bank in 5kWh 48V lithium batteries from the Pytes Energy brand. 

The system is AC coupling with 
Fronius Solar Energy inverters and DC coupling with Victron Energy MPPTs to charge the battery bank. The application is self-consumption for the most and ready to switch to handle emergencies at any moment.

Credits go to our amazing partner 
Petasolare for making all these possible. Their passion and expertise make the project implementation such a pleasurable and incredible experience.

There are five stacks of batteries connected to a communication hub, each stack with five 
Pytes 48100Rs , making 125 KWh in total for capacity. As one of my colleague would have put it, the more batteries in the project, the better it looks in the site.