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Basic System Installation & Operation

If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Click a question below to view the answer.

How long can Pytes batteries sit without charging or discharging?

Keep the battery SOC to 40%-60% during storage. The Self-discharge of the LFP battery pack is 1-2% per month.The battery needs to be recharged every 6 months to more than 80% of the rated capacity. More details of storage are in our User Manual.

Can I string Pytes batteries together in series to have them operate in higher voltages?

No. Wiring any PYTES batteries in series is not condoned and will result in voiding the warranty. PYTES batteries can only be wired in parallel to operate at their nameplate voltage. Wiring in series will cause damage to the batteries and void the warranty.

How do I integrate Pytes Batteries with my preferred equipment?

We maintain a portfolio of integration guides for most major brands of equipment. Further information and brand-specific integration guides are available on our Downloads page.

Can I add 48100R-B to an existing installation of 48100R-A?

Of course, but if you want to communicate with the inverter, you need to use 48100R-A as the master.

What are the different componets that make up a home battery system?

Typically an entire home battery system is comprised of a battery, solar, and inverter system. An all-in-one hybrid inverter such as Sol-Ark keeps everything in your setup simple and efficient.

Are PYTES Lithium batteries widely compatible?

Yes, our batteries are designed to work with most of hybrid inverters. We work well with Sol-Ark, Phocos, Victron, SMA, Voltronic, Growatt, MPP Solar, Goodwe and so on.

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