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What is Pytes’s Warranty?

PYTES offers some of the best warranties in the industry. The term of the warranty will end on :

(1) 90% Depth of Discharge: 10 year warranty or (2) 6000 discharge cycles, 90% DOD@77℉ ret 70%.

Further warranty questions are addressed in the Warranty section below. The warranty can be found on our Downloads page and corresponding product page.

How to Claim Warranty

In order to make a claim under this Limited Warranty, please contact the PYTES authorized distributor/installer/reseller who sold you the Product. If you fail to reach authorized distributor/installer/reseller who sold you the Product, or if you purchased the Product directly from PYTES, you should contact PYTES at the address, email address or telephone number mentioned below. For a warranty claim to be processed, it must include (i) proof of the original purchase of the Product and any subsequent transfers of ownership, (ii) a description of the alleged defect(s), and (iii) the Product’s serial number and original installation date. Prior to returning any Product to PYTES, you should obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number either through PYTES authorized distributor/installer/reseller who sold you the Product or PYTES.

After receiving the RMA number, you must pack the Product authorized for return, along with the information described above, in the original PYTES Product shipping container or packaging providing equivalent protection. And you only need to bear the shipping cost of returning the Product to the warehouse of original purchaser. PYTES is not responsible for shipping damage caused by an improperly packaged Product, the repairs this damage might require, or the cost of these repairs.

Website: https://www.pytesusa.com/

Address: 920 S Holgate St STE 107, Seattle, WA 98134, USA.

Post Code: 98134

Telephone: +1 (626)734 3692

Email: ess_support@pytesgroup.com

What exactly entails a full cycle? What about partial cycles?

A full cycle is defined as: Discharge to programmed DOD, and charge back to 100%. Partial cycles occur when the battery is not discharged completely to it’s programmed DOD setting before it’s fully recharged. With respect to the warranty, this means cumulative cycles totaling the rated DoD settings (per the warranty) are the equivalent of a cycle.

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