R Bracket

Developed for limited space.
Install your system as easy as stack one on the other. R Bracket is the solution for efficiency while saves your budget.

  • Compatible with E-Box-48100R (UL9540 Certified)
  • Stackable, up to 8 units for a total of 40.96kWh
  • System expandable up to 286.72kWh with the Hub
  • Busbars integrated for easy installation
  • Free from heat issue
  • L 20.9" x D 28.5" x H 5.3"
  • 17 lbs
  • Delivery from Pytes warehouses located in California, Texas and Washington
ModelR Bracket
Unit Dimension (L*W*H)20.9" x 28.5" x 5.3"
Unit Weight17 lbs
Installation1.Install the parts by following the guide of the installation manual;
2.Screws are needed to assemble single battery and rack;
3.Multi-layer battery rack: after assembling all the single batteries
and racks, stack them up vertically. Connection board is needed to
install in between each two layers of battery racks;
4.Secure multi-layer battery rack with accessories to the wall;
5.Connect multi-layer battery rack to the distribution box.

  • R bracket Installation

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