Forest R

Integrated with Pytes LFP batteries and Solark hybrid inverter, Forest R is a scalable & sustainable all-in-one system that harnesses power from the sun, helps to reduce electric bill and provides backup power during outages.

  • 12kW DC Coupling
  • 20kW Peak Power
  • 4ms Transfer Time
  • Parallel Stacking
  • Generator Support
  • UL9540 Certified Battery, 6000 Cycles
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Delivery from Pytes warehouses located in California, Texas and Washington
Nominal voltage51.2V
Amps hours200Ah300Ah400Ah500Ah600Ah
Weight (approximate)330 lbs440 lbs551 lbs661 lbs771 lbs
Dimensions (L*W*H)28.34" x 17.71" x 74.80"
Solar output power5000W9000W12000W15000W
Max DC voltage500V@18A, 450V@20A500V@18A, 450V@20A500V@18A, 450V@20A500V@26A
MPPT voltage range150~425V150~425V150~425V150~425V
Start-up voltage125V125V125V125V
No.of MPPT trackers2223
Max DC current per MPPT
(self limiting)
Rated AC output power5000W 20.8A-L (240V)8000W 33.3A L-L (240V)9000W 37.5A L-L (240V)12000W 50A-L(240V)
Parallel stackingNot supportedNot supportedYesYes
Grid type120/240/208V split phase120/240/208V split phase120/240/208V split phase120/240/208V split phase

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