Forest R

Integrated with Pytes LFP batteries and Solark hybrid inverter, Forest R is a scalable & sustainable all-in-one system that harnesses power from the sun, helps to reduce electric bill and provides backup power during outages.

Nominal voltage51.2V
Amps hours200Ah300Ah400Ah500Ah600Ah
Weight (approximate)330 lbs440 lbs551 lbs661 lbs771 lbs
Dimensions (L*W*H)28.34" x 17.71" x 74.80"
Solar output power5000W9000W12000W15000W
Max DC voltage500V@18A, 450V@20A500V@18A, 450V@20A500V@18A, 450V@20A500V@26A
MPPT voltage range150~425V150~425V150~425V150~425V
Start-up voltage125V125V125V125V
No.of MPPT trackers2223
Max DC current per MPPT
(self limiting)
Rated AC output power5000W 20.8A-L (240V)8000W 33.3A L-L (240V)9000W 37.5A L-L (240V)12000W 50A-L(240V)
Parallel stackingNot supportedNot supportedYesYes
Grid type120/240/208V split phase120/240/208V split phase120/240/208V split phase120/240/208V split phase

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